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React native error "multiple commands produce.." Xcode 11

Posted on May 14th, 2020 in JavaScript, React Native by George


The main cause of the error could be the use of react-native.config.js file.

Check out the solution below even if you not using react-native.config.js.

Removing duplicate font files in Copy Bundle Resources will resolve the issue.



The problem seems to be caused by the new auto-linking feature in React Native 0.60 - the line use_native_modules! in ios/Podfile means when you do pod install, any pods found in node_modules are automatically linked. This means that links to all font files are added to [CP] Copy Pods Resources when you do pod install.

If you previously installed react-native-vector-icons manually by adding the font files to Copy Bundle Resources(or using the config file mentioned above react-native.config.js), you then get a "Multiple commands produce..." fatal build error.

So to fix the problem, just remove the font files from Copy Bundle Resources, so that they are only in [CP] Copy Pods Resources.