- JSNStop is about Web Development, tutorials concerning front-end, back-end and how to set up building tools.

- The aim is to learn and use latest in terms of web development technologies. The topics are around NodeJs ecosystem and not only.

- JSN stop is not limited to JavaScript, here you will find PHP, Drupal 8, CLI and tutorials for other technologies.

- My favorite preoccupation is to build websites and to code in JavaScript, PHP and NodeJs. Front-end and back-end.

- The blog posts are mostly lesons I learn while I am coding or problems, I have/had in my journey as a web developer, with solutions.

- If the time allows me, I will do also tutorials regarding building tools and tips on 'how to', databases and more.

Visit my GitHub page and see more of my work.

Please visit my Portfolio website at georgecrisan.com